On August 20, 1949 by Ray C. Miller Prothonotary,  Certify the Decree  that Herman Volunteer Fire Company and Relief Association be incorporated as a Corporation of First Class and said Application and Decree are recorded in the Office of registry and Recorder, for Butler County, Pennsylvania.

It is unknown as to how we came to become a Fire Company, we suffered a flood that had ruined several documents. However, we do know the very first official Fire Call came in as a tree fire. Someone had stuffed a tree with paper and set it on fire. The location oddly, happened behind the St.  Mary of the Assumption  pavilion.

Our first Fire Engine was a 1937 Chevy built by Seagrave. It was purchased used from the Leechburg Volunteer Fire Department. We currently still own this vehicle as it represents a part of our history, heritage, commitment, and pride. It serves a token as where and how we started and how through hard work and dedication we will keep pressing forward. All of what we have is not possible without the community who has supported us.

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